Stop Manipulating Me!

Book cover design for Lisa Howard’s Stop Manipulating Me!: Identifying Narcissism, Disarming A Narcissist & Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse Purchase at: Link

Reiki Healing for Beginners book cover

Book cover design for Karen Gray’s Reiki Healing for Beginners : Your Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Reiki in 21 Days Purchase at: Link

5-Minute Mindfulness book cover

Book cover design for Karen Gray’s 5-Minute Mindfulness : 100 Effortless Mindfulness Tips for Abundant Happiness and Inner Peace Purchase at: Link

Tu Esi Beribis Šaltinis

Book cover design for Paulius Daukšas marvelous first book “You Are The Infinite Source” that translates pure knowledge of the source and returns the power of paradox to it’s readers. Behind the scenes “Hello. If you sincerely seek to reveal the purest truth in your experience and an authentic and wonderful life full of wonders, […]