Spiritara logo

Logo design for Spiritara Spiritara is a medium, channel, light DNA activator and life coach leading people to greater alignment with their higher selves on a journey to their 5D new earth avatars. Visit Spiritara Facebook Youtube Instagram Link — Aušrinė Saqua”Spiritara” Read More Working with Solaris is complete magic. First of all, I will […]

Raganstra Logo

Raganstra is one of my first clients on Lucid Canvas, she makes wonderful polymer clay jewellery art. This is an older version of the logo I’ve made for her. — Erika Juozelėnė”Raganstra” Read More My one and only designer ! Trusting only her and I recommend her for everyone ! ❤ You have ideas? She […]

Naujoji Žemė logo

Lucid Canvas Logo Design Naujoji Žemė

Naujoji Žemė is a holistic wellness flotation centre. The alternatives Facebook — Martynas”Naujoji Žemė” Read More Solaris is an amazing graphic designer, work together was very understanding and patient, and helped refining the ideas. RECOMMEND! I am blessed in abundance to meet you with the greatest success in work and life. ❤

Rune-Saga 3D logo

Lucid Canvas 3D Logo Design Rune-Saga

3D sculpted and animated logo for RuneSaga game.

Flying Rowan logo design

Flying Rowan is a holistic medicine, blog and personal art gallery and by Rowan Ives. The alternatives

Keep The Silence Jewellery Logo

Lucid Canvas Logo Design Keep The Silence Jewellery

Keep The Silence is an exquisite jewellery brand by Erika Juozelėnė Visit Keep The Silence Jewellery Facebook Instagram Link — Erika Juozelėnė”Keep The Silence” Read More My one and only designer ! Trusting only him and I recommend him for everyone ! ❤ You have ideas? He will make it them even bigger. ❤ Other […]

Lotus Eye Beauty Salon

Lotus Eye is a beauty salon located in Denmark. The alternatives Visit Lotus Eye Facebook

Budimo Kanalas logo

Lucid Canvas Logo Budimo Kanalas

Budimo Kanalas / Paulius Daukšas was one of my first clients on Lucid Canvas – we met through synchronicity by him manifesting a desire to have a logo and then I ended up messaging him a few days later to propose to make him a logo for free since I loved the profound teachings he […]