Gift Coupons & Business Cards

Various gift coupons and business cards


“Jungtys susilygiavimui su visuotine darna” (Connections for alignment with global coherence) audio CD project is the lovechild of three friends – me, Paulius and the talented musician Shama Snake that is meant to serve as a tool for aligning with the highest harmonious coherence with yourself and all that is. Behind the scenes “When I […]

Keep The Silence Jewellery print designs

Lucid Canvas Print Design Keep The Silence Jewellery

Keep The Silence Jewellery is an exquisite jewellery brand by Erika Juozelėnė Visit Keep The Silence Jewellery Facebook Instagram Link — Erika Juozelėnė”Keep The Silence” Read More My one and only designer ! Trusting only him and I recommend him for everyone ! ❤ You have ideas? He will make it them even bigger. ❤ […]

The Bookbinder’s Tale poster

A poster for a play “The Bookbinder’s Tale”.

Vinetu Kaimas flyers

Lucid Canvas Print Design Kokopelli Vinetu Kaimas Festival 2019

Vinetu Kaimas is an authentic North American Indian village. Visit Vinetu Kaimas Facebook Youtube Instagram Link Other Vinetu Kaimas projects I’ve worked on: Vinetu Kaimas banners