Viktorija Sage covers

Viktorija Sage is a visionary leadership catalyst. Visit Viktorija Sage Facebook Instagram

Raganstra covers

Raganstra is one of my first clients on Lucid Canvas, she makes wonderful polymer clay jewellery art. — Erika Juozelėnė”Raganstra” Read More My one and only designer ! Trusting only her and I recommend her for everyone ! ❤ You have ideas? She will make it them even bigger. ❤ Other Raganstra projects I’ve worked […]

Vinetu Kaimas covers

Vinetu Kaimas is an authentic North American Indian village. Visit Vinetu Kaimas Facebook Youtube Instagram Link Other Vinetu Kaimas projects I’ve worked on: Vinetu Kaimas flyers

Spiritara cover designs

Spiritara is a medium, channel, light DNA activator and life coach leading people to greater alignment with their higher selves on a journey to their 5D new earth avatars. Visit Spiritara Facebook Youtube Instagram Link — Aušrinė Saqua”Spiritara” Read More Working with Solaris is complete magic. First of all, I will say it is […]

Ieva Žigonė cover designs

Ieva Žigonė is a holistic wellness coach, teacher and conscious living leader. Behind the scenes Ieva was actually the first spiritual teacher I’ve begun my conscious living journey with her profound online courses that led me to helping myself get in a better alignment with my higher self and living out from my highest inspiration […]

Keep The Silence banners

Keep The Silence Jewellery is an exquisite jewellery brand by Erika Juozelėnė Visit Keep The Silence Jewellery Facebook Instagram Link — Erika Juozelėnė”Keep The Silence” Read More My one and only designer ! Trusting only him and I recommend him for everyone ! ❤ You have ideas? He will make it them even bigger. […]

Budimo Kanalas banners

Lucid Canvas Banner Budimo Kanalas Sielos-Pažinimas-per-Taro-Didijį-Arkaną

Budimo Kanalas is a spiritual education & development organization by Paulius Daukšas offering personal consultations, retreats, online courses & webinars and more… Behind the scenes Paulius was one of my first clients on Lucid Canvas – we met through synchronicity by him manifesting a desire to have a logo […]