Jungtys susilygiavimui su visuotine darna” (Connections for alignment with global coherence) audio CD project is the lovechild of three friends – me, Paulius and the talented musician Shama Snake that is meant to serve as a tool for aligning with the highest harmonious coherence with yourself and all that is.

Behind the scenes

“When I travel somewhere in my life I often like to put on headphones and listen to various audio lectures or music. Often I even turn on the shuffle mode and then magically get exactly the messages or melodies that resonate best to me at the time. This way, travel or similar situations never take longer and are filled with amazing vibrations and insights. So inspired by that, I decided to create my own audio messages, which I recorded with a high-quality microphone, and later I was associated with the amazing music creator Shama Snake, who created authentic soundtracks for each message. The result is an opportunity to use wisdom, music and your imagination to dive into your inner depths and illuminate the treasures hidden there. These “connections” are for deeper self-knowledge and fuller self-empowerment, or in other words, alignment with universal harmony. That is the purpose of my activity and these “connections” are an extract of wisdom thoroughly purified for many years, which will provide an unshakable foundation for your full growth and prosperity.”

– Paulius Daukšas

Budimo Kanalas is a spiritual education & development organization by Paulius Daukšas offering personal consultations, retreats, online courses & webinars and more…

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— Paulius Daukšas"Budimo Kanalas"
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