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Spiritara is a medium, channel, light DNA activator and life coach leading people to greater alignment with their higher selves on a journey to their 5D new earth avatars.

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— Aušrinė Saqua"Spiritara"
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Working with Solaris is complete magic. First of all, I will say it is not a job but a complete pleasure of Flow 🥰✨ Very clear fulfillment of all wishes, thoughts, ideas ... Everything is done quickly and with infinite quality. Just full synchronization, telepathy and ideality, feeling like you’re deafinately with a 5D person when things are going perfectly, easily, miraculously with full support from above. ✨✨✨💎🌈💜 The designs are complete magic, otherworldly in the best sense of the word, promising uniqueness and authenticity, thoroughness and creativity. I wanted something exceptional and would sincerely tell Lucid Canvas is the best that could have happened. Thank you Solaris for all the high vibe magic! What I still want to mention is all the help, information, additional knowledge that Solaris is happy to share, it’s not just the design it’s the whole package of support, help and collaboration ✨✨✨ I know I feel confident that many amazing projects are still waiting for us💜💜💜🙏

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