Tu Esi Beribis Šaltinis

Book cover design for Paulius Daukšas marvelous first book “You Are The Infinite Source” that translates pure knowledge of the source and returns the power of paradox to it’s readers.

Behind the scenes

“Hello. If you sincerely seek to reveal the purest truth in your experience and an authentic and wonderful life full of wonders, then this book is just for you. If you feel that inner impulse to know and empower yourself as a limitless source, this book is for you too. So in this book you will find a lot of short wake-up messages, all of which lead to arouse the more real you. Knowing and empowering the true self by my senses is at the heart of all spirituality and this book is about that. Everything you will find here came from a pure intention to inspire to boldly step into the mystique of being and discover the indescribable perfection of the self. It is an ongoing process of discovery, and wherever you are on the journey of awakening your consciousness, this book can help you bring more clarity and possibly nullify a set of unnecessary wandering processes. As you indulge in this awakening transformation, your life will be increasingly permeated by a sense of infinity, and with it: lightness, bliss, fluency, universal harmony with which you merge. I can say this with confidence, because I know that even in the world of very different manifestations, we are basically one and the same. In my experience, all this is obvious, so I wish the same and more to you. Remember that your sincere inner desire and free will are the foundation of your spiritual evolution, and these vigilant messages are only helpers.” – Paulius Daukšas

Budimo Kanalas is a spiritual education & development organization by Paulius Daukšas offering personal consultations, retreats, online courses & webinars and more…

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— Paulius Daukšas"Budimo Kanalas"
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My best visual designer 💜 It perfectly mirrors and surprisingly surpasses my ideas and desires. Always expands my awareness of what is possible 🤩 Very friendly, mindful and deep person with strong inspiration to grow into the brighter future 🧚‍♀️

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