— Dennis Agle Jr."Bookbinder's Tale"
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LucidCanvas designed a gorgeous poster for our play, "The Bookbinder's Tale," that captured just the right amount of whimsy and mystery. A pleasure to work with.
— Martynas"Naujoji Žemė"
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Lukas is an amazing graphic designer, working together was very understanding and patient, helped refine the ideas. I RECOMMEND! I am blessed in abundance to meet you with the greatest success in your work and life.
— Neringa Pieslikaite"Sielos Keliu"
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Thank you very much for the logo <3 The logo puts my thoughts and my heart into this moment of life. Thank you 🙏🌹
— Rowan Ives"Flying Rowan"
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A visionary designer who works from the heart! I am very happy to have worked with her and look forward to doing so in the future.
— Justina Surya"Shama Snake"
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Is able to create something magical even from the smallest ideas! Evolving with every project and ready to work on something he's never done before 💜
— Paulius Daukšas"Budimo Kanalas"
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My best visual designer 💜 It perfectly mirrors and surprisingly surpasses my ideas and desires. Always expands my awareness of what is possible 🤩 Very friendly, mindful and deep person with strong inspiration to grow into the brighter future 🧚‍♀️
— Indrė Gv"Indrė Gv Art"
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LucidCanvas had designed beautiful and functional website for my artworks. The collaboration process was easy and enjoyable. I recommend LucidCanvas for everyone, who needs aesthetic and conscious designs ❤️
— Erika Juozelėnė"Keep The Silence"
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My one and only designer ! Trusting only him and I recommend him for everyone ! ❤ You have ideas? He will make it them even bigger. ❤

Logo & Brand Design