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Budimo Kanalas is a spiritual education & development organization by Paulius Daukšas offering personal consultations, retreats, online courses & webinars and more…

Behind the scenes

Paulius was one of my first clients on Lucid Canvas – we met through synchronicity by him manifesting a desire to have a logo and then me messaging him few days later to propose to make him a logo for free since I loved the profound teachings he shared on his YouTube channel and wanted to help out with what he was doing as it’s helping so many people to awake and get in a better alignment with their infinite nature.


It has been a really exciting, refreshing and consciousness-expanding journey getting to know him as a friend and as a teacher and I’ve learned so much over the years we’ve been working together and I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone on their spiritual growth journey.

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Paulius YouTube channel for the English viewers:

— Paulius Daukšas"Budimo Kanalas"
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My best visual designer 💜 It perfectly mirrors and surprisingly surpasses my ideas and desires. Always expands my awareness of what is possible 🤩 Very friendly, mindful and deep person with strong inspiration to grow into the brighter future 🧚‍♀️

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